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SHINSUKE NAKANO (born in Japan) studied fashion design at Central Saint Martins in London.


During his study, he achieved multiple scholarships from Alexander McQueen’s Sarabande Foundation for his MA Fashion degree at Central Saint Martins and the Bunkacho of the Japanese Government for his research about tailoring techniques in London.

In 2020, he launched his own fashion label SARTOGRAPH.



2005-2009: He studied contemporary art and art history at Doshisha University, Japan. He achieved BA art history and theory with a thesis about readymade by Marcel Duchamp, French artist. During his study, he started making clothes for his friends and organised several fashion shows.

2009: He entered the fashion course at Central Saint Martins, London.

2010: He interned for Louis Goldin, current knitwear designer of YEEZY by Kanye West.

2013: He achieved BA (hons) Fashion Design degree with First Class from Central Saint Martins.

2013: He progressed to MA Fashion Design course at Central Saint Martins.

2013: He won Sarabande Scholarship by Alexander McQueen to study at MA Fashion, Central Saint Martins. The jury included Andrew Bolton, chief curator of Metropolitan Costume Institute.

2015: He progressed to Research Program (PhD / MPhil) at Central Saint Martins.

2015−16: Shinsuke was invited to work as a residence designer at Sarabande Foundation's Studio (Hertford Rd, Hackney) in London.

2017−19: Shinsuke won a scholarship from Japanese Art Council to research tailoring in London.

2020: He started his own brand SARTOGRAPH in Tokyo, Japan, aiming to empower creatives globally through fashion.


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