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SARTOGRAPH is a Tokyo-based fashion design label founded by Shinsuke Nakano in 2020.

Our main goal is to empower creatives globally through offering modern wardrobe which incorporates tailoring, work-wear and minimalist aesthetics.

Brand History

SEP 2019: Our creative director Shinsuke Nakano graduated from Central Saint Martins in London.

JUN 2020: SARTOGRAPH was launched in Tokyo, Japan.

JULY 2020: We organised our first exhibition/showroom for Spring-Summer Men 2021 collection.

OCT 2020: We presented our first womens collection at one of the biggest fashion and design fair in Tokyo, 'rooms'. We were selected by the fair as a 'EMERGING' brand.

OCT-DEC 2020: Our Spring-Summer 2021 collection was featured in various fashion media, such as, WWD.JAPAN, SO-EN, QUI TOKYO and FASHIONSNAP.COM.

MAR 2021: We presented our Autumn-Winter 2021 collection for PR01. TRADE SHOW held at Celurian Tower Tokyu Hotel,  which was part of Tokyo Fashion Week-related program.

SEP 2021: We presented our Spring-Summer 2022 collection for Tokyo Fashion Week, during which we were featured and recommended by worldwide fashion media and influencers, such as, WWD.COM (USA), ESSENTIAL HOMME (FRANCE), SO-EN (Japan) as well as Yu Masui, LVMH talent scout, Maiko Shibata, Creative Director of Restir Boutique, and Tiffany Godoy, fashion editor.

OCT 2021: We participated in 'rooms 43', one of the biggest fashion and design fair in Japan.

JAN 2022: We opened our first Pop-up Store at SHIBUYA PARCO, Tokyo, fashion department store, which incorporates world-famous luxury brands and cutting-edge Japanese brands and boutiques.

MAR 2022: We presented our Autumn-Winter 2022 collection for Tokyo Fashion Week.

AUG 2022: We presented our Spring-Summer 2023 collection for Tokyo Fashion Week.

SEP 2022: Our Autumn-Winter 2022 collection was launched at RESTIR in Roppongi, Tokyo, leading luxury boutique which incorporates both world-famous luxury brands and cutting-edge emerging brands around the world.

Mar 2023: We presented our Autumn-Winter 2023 collection for Tokyo Fashion Week.


The name of the brand is based on the designer's expertise, on the one hand, 'tailoring' (Sarto) and, on the other hand, 'writing' and 'drawing' (graph). We created this name believing that tailoring techniques can be a fruitful resource for both communication of knowledge and creative expression.

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